[Modulator ESP]

Modulator ESP is an adventurer in sound. He produces improvised experimental soundscapes using synthesizers, sampling, sequencing, looping and processing to create strange worlds of sound somewhere between ambient, berlin school, drone, space music and noise. He produces a fortnightly show at called Adventures In Sound

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Lots of my albums are available to listen to and download from bandcamp

Current collaborations include: Booth & Creek, Infinity Curve, Onewayness & Modulator ESP,
Blue Lily Commission, Meson, ModuLight and Andromeda Phase.
Previous collaborations include: Astrogator, Cerberus, [D-C], Kozmonaut Death Trip,
Hashtronaut & Modulator ESP, Mooch, Sludge Lord, Quadra & Vostok Sputnik 30 (all currently inactive).

He also does stuff for Awakenings, The Church of Sound, Hampshire Jam 'Jam' and Neusonik.

Modulator ESP in action at the Church of Sound. (photo by Gavin Morrow)

Modulator ESP in action at Awakenings (photo by Phil Booth)

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My monthly ambient/drone/experimental/electro-acoustic/improvised/noise/weird music night in Nottingham
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