[Adventures In Sound]

I will be doing a hour long radio show on a fortnightly basis, alternating with a lovely chap called Rob, called 
'Jez or Rob's Adventures in Sound' 
It will be every other Wednesday at 11pm GMT (12pm BST) on http://radio.electro-music.com/ 
My studiocam will normally be set-up to broadcast during show
I will be using the show to try out new stuff, so the music will probably be in a more experimental vein.
Comments and other details on shows can be found at electro-music.com and on the modulator esp forum
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This music is made available under the Creative Commons license: 
Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0

14.07.10 Right click and 'Save As' to download Episode 43 - VCS3 Experiment I - The picture below is the patch I used on the VCS3 for this episode. I also used my repeater for some looping and 2 DD-20s for multiple delays, one short and one long. For this one I decided to experiment with textures, drones and just sound. It came out quite ambient and just a little a bit dark Smile

30.06.10 Right click and 'Save As' to download Episode 41 - Fever Drones  - This episode was some drones influenced by my mental state over the preceding days suffering from food poisoning induced fever. It featured minimal equipment: Yamaha CS-01 and VSS-30 and ipod apps, Frostwave Resonator, Electrix Repeater for looping and DD-20 for delay

16.06.10 Right click and 'Save As' to download Episode 39 - Space Drones - This episode features similar equipment to Episode 37, plus additional NM1 and BC16, but used in completely different ways. It is a bit of a nod to some of my older pre-AIS sets on electro-music, but incorporating new elements too.

02.06.10 Right click and 'Save As' to download Episode 37 - Granular Vectors - This episode was quite experimental, using granular synthesis on the Nord modular G2 to warp and mutate vector sounds from my Prophet VS and Wavestation into strange twisted drones, soundscapes and noise

19.05.10 Right click and 'Save As' to download Episode 35 - VSS30 'Rotations' - Well, this one nearly didn't happen, due to tiredness I managed to get my ports confused and couldn't get connected. Luckily, I realised my mistake and found the right port and the show was finally broadcast just a little late. As I was tired I had already decided to only use a very minimal setup, which was vss-30 sampler, px3 effects, dd-20 looper and ipod touch apps for samples. I used a 16 second panning loop, so the set is in very swirly rotating stereo. I had had a fun night out the night before at an improv jam session called Quadelectronic and this informed the more experimental parts of the set. Many thanks to everyone who listened and joined in the chat

05.05.10 Right click and 'Save As' to download Episode - The VCS3 Incident - This episode was pre-recorded as I was away on holiday the day of transmission. It was an hour long improvisation using my newly acquired EMS VCS 3 with DK2 keyboard, Repeater for looping and DD-20 for minimal delay. It was inspired by my love of the music the Radiophonic Workshop made for Doctor Who using these synthesizers

21.04.10 Right click and 'Save As' to download Episode 31 - New Berlin II - was totally unplanned and seemed to come out of nowhere, and featured the following instruments: nord modular, nord modular g2, chimera bc16, frostwave resonator, electrix repeater and ipod touch. Arpeggios, drones and effects from bc16, sequences from nord modular, leads and poly granular sounds from g2 fed via ipod apps including manetron and curtis heavy, all filtered through resonator and looped by repeater. I'm very pleased with how this came out Smile

07.04.10 Right click and 'Save As' to download Episode 29 - NM1 'Alien Transmissions' - Over Easter I spent a lot of time programming some new performance sounds for my nord modular, so I decided to dedicate this episode to another solo nord modular performance, using the new patches, with minimal effects, just a bit of delay and reverb, and the trusty repeater for looping.

24.03.10 Right click and 'Save As' to download Episode 27 - Into The Unknown - This show was a journey into the unknown. Equipment used: cs-01, vss-30, ipod touch (using android, curtis heavy, grid, nlog, pasy02, soundscope space), repeater, dd-20, wedge. I tried out a few new ideas for this show and set out into the unknown with no plan whatsoever. Here's the visual record of the journey:

10.03.10 Right click and 'Save As' to download Episode 25 - Jez AND Rob's First Adventure - This show was the first  joint adventure. Rob streamed stuff to me and I added stuff on top. We agreed a rough plan about 5 minutes before we started. It all went quite well. The recording has been edited to remove a few bits of clipping where we got a bit carried away. Unfortunately there are some clicks I was not able to remove.

I used my vss-30 and ipod touch through my new Gotharman DeMoon for granularising and filtering, then the Frostwave Resonator for even more filtering and the repeater for looping, with dd-20 and wedge for delays and reverb. I used the following apps: nlog, curtis heavy, manetron, soundscope space, android, grid and proloop

I'm not exactly sure what Rob used, but it definitely included his new proteus 2000 and probably incuded kyma and possibly some processed bass

24.02.10 Right click and 'Save As' to download Episode 23 - Ambient Noise Thingamagoop - This show was an improvised ambient/noise excursion into deep space and the live debut of my thingamagoop 2. It starts off a bit slow, but soon gets going and was pretty fun to perform. For sounds I used my vss-30, ipod touch and the thingamagoop. I used the vss-30s internal sounds and also sampled stuff off the touch and thingamagoop. The repeater was used to build up layers of loops and timestretch them. Apps used on the touch were nlog, soundscope space, curtis heavy and manetron

10.02.10 Right click and 'Save As' to download Episode 21 - Time Warp - This show was an experiment in live time stretching and looping. Signal chain: ipod touch -> vss-30 -> frostwave resonator -> repeater -> dd-20 delay -> wedge reverb. All sounds generated live using the touch then sampled into vss-30, filtered by the resonator and then recorded and looped by the repeater, then slowed down or speeded up using the repeater's timestretch, with additional layers added at different speeds and directions to produce varying stretching effects 
Apps used: curtis heavy, nlog, manetron & soundscope space.

27.01.10 Right click and 'Save As' to download Episode 19 - New Berlin I - This show featured my newly expanded NM1, some live sampling using my VSS-30 and my ipod touch apps as instruments and sound sources for sampling. It went entirely not to plan, but worked out pretty well and I had fun. The drone start was just an idea that came to me whilst setting up, it was the same patch as the leads later, aren't knobs cool Smile and the ending was just me having fun, re-programming sequences on the NM1 fly, playing in new notes as it went.

13.01.10 Right click and 'Save As' to download Episode 17 - Bent Spacial Distortions - This show I ended up using the BoardWeevil, VSS-30 and SK-1 for sounds, through Frostwave Resonator for filtering, looped via Repeater, then through DD-20 for stereo panning delay and Wedge for huge reverb Smile
The VSS-30 was used to sample the BoardWeevil to get chords and the circuit bent SK-1 was used for chaotic alien sounds and weird percussion.
I'm still getting to grips with the SK-1 and occasionally completely lost control of it, but it was still fun Smile

30.12.09 Right click and 'Save As' to download Episode 15 - Big Drones - This show was a freeform ambient drone set using some of the big stuff:: Voyager, Prophet 5, Matrix 12, Nord G2, Wavestation and Andromeda. It was  a prequel of sorts for my NYE set the following day. Below, webcam shots from before and after the performance.

16.12.09 Right click and 'Save As' to download Episode 13 - The iPod Show - This show was a journey into uncharted territory for me, I played my whole set using the ipod touch and assorted apps, through a mini-kp, repeater, dd-20 and wedge. Apps used were bebot, nlog, igendyn, toplapapp, curtis, noise.io, manetron, space and white noise. There were a few wobbly bits, but I had fun. After the show, I did an improv on my BoardWeevil for anyone who wanted to listen. Here is the last part of this, improvised using BW, DD-20 delay and Wedge reverb. It's quite experimental and droney, here's the recording. Below, webcam photo of set-up taken after the show.

02.12.09 Right click and 'Save As' to download Episode 11 - Orbit Sequences - This show was an ambient/noise excursion with some sequencing thrown in for good measure, using just my Nord modulars, with some looping and fx. I quite enjoyed the experiment and will probably have another go at some point. Below, web-cam photo of set-up taken after the show

18.11.09 Right click and 'Save As' to download Episode 9 - Alien Forest Observations - This show was recorded on 17.11.09 as I had a real gig on the 18.11.09. I had lots of different ideas, but ended up doing an hour long improv using just the Yamaha VSS30 sampler, Korg Mini KP Kaoss Pad, Electrix Repeater looper and Boss DD-20 delay. All sounds were from the VSS30, using its internal sounds or other sounds sampled live, on the fly. As an added element of continuity from Rob's show last week I added some nice spacey tone clusters where appropriate. 
Speaking of Rob, I'd like to say a big thanks in advance to him for streaming my show once more
04.11.09 Right click and 'Save As' to download Episode 7 - Drones in the USA - This show was produced in my hotel room in Newark on the 3rd November using field recordings from Star Lake Camp, improvised sample based pieces recorded during electro-music 09, field recordings from a trip into New Yew York, drones produced on the morning before I left for electro-music and an improvised piece recorded in my hotel room using a Yamahe VSS30, Mini KP and DD-20 looper.
Thanks to Rob for streaming it for me on Wednesday 4th November
21.10.09 Right click and 'Save As' to download Episode 5 - Kaoss Improv - This show came together at the very last minute, using my new Kaossillator and mini-KP with my microKorg and Boardweevil and DD-20 for live looping. I enjoyed it
07.10.09 Right click and 'Save As' to download Episode 3 - NM1 'Improv Experiment I' - In my second show 'something completely improvised with nm1 and repeater', I improvised for an hour, combining dark ambient drone, noise, space music and experimental rhythmic sections
23.09.09 Right click and 'Save As' to download Episode 1 - And Now For Something Completely Different - In my first show '...and now for something completely different' part one, I played a 30 minute modular improv, recorded as the rehearsal for my AE09 set, then performed a live 30 min ambient/sequencer improv.

This music is made available under the Creative Commons license: 
Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0

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