[Gear For Sale]

I am streamlining my studio setup prior to moving house and am selling the following equipment
All items in full working order, unless noted, please contact jezATmodulator-espDOTcoDOTuk for full details
I am in the UK and can ship anywhere within reason at buyer's cost (excluding items marked as collection only) 
Payment by bank transfer or Paypal. Paypal fees to be paid by buyer - last update 09.02.22
[Things included: m - manual, b - box, p - power supply/lead] [c - collection only]

Alesis Andromeda 16 voice analogue polysynth 2500 m, p, c
Alesis MMT-8 midi sequencer 100 m, b, p
Behringer Ultra Chorus 15
Bugbrand Cube Weevil limited edition noise synth 150 m, b
Bugbrand Micro Crusher analogue sample rate reducer 100 m, b
Boss Micro BR portable multi-track 75 m, b
Casio CZ-3000 phase distortion synth (inc Casio CZ book & 2 patch books) 175 m, p, c
Casio HT-700 spectrum dynamic synth with analog filter 100 m
Casio PT-30 home keyboard 30
Casio PT-87 home keyboard 30
Casio SK-1 sampling keyboard 70 m
Casio SK-1 circuit-bent sampling keyboard with patchbay and joystick 170
Casio SK-60 sampling keyboard 80
Casio VL Tone keyboard, no battery cover, tatty appearance 20
Chimera BC16 mini modular synth (very rare) 250 m
Doepfer Pocket Control midi controller 100 m, p
Dirty Electronics Mute Synth 60
Electrix MO-FX rhythmic effects processor 275 m, p
Electro Harmonix Small Clone chorus 75
Fostex 2016 line mixer 100 p
Frostwave Resonator MS20 LP/HP filter pedal 275 p
Fyrd SQR sequencer (extremely rare, not fully functional) 400
Gotharman deMOON synth/sequencer/granular processor (rare) 375 m, b, p
Jomox T-Resonator resonant delay/filter matrix (mark 1) 175 m, b, p
Kawai K5m additive synth - US power, with transformer, new backlight 225 m, p
Korg KP4 Kaoss Pad Quad effects processor 150 m, b, p
Korg KPR77 analogue drum machine 300 m, p
Korg Microkontrol midi controller keyboard 125 m, b, p
Korg MicroX sample based digital synth (black) with orange plastic case 275 m, b, p
Korg Nanokey USB keyboard 20 m, b
Korg SOS sound on sound digital recorder & micro SD card 150 m, b
Korg Wavedrum performance percussion synth (inc stand) 250 m, b, p
Korg Wavestation SR vector/wave sequencing synth 225 m, p
Line 6 Echo Pro delay 350 m, b, p
MAM MAP1 midi arpeggiator 175 m, p
Moog Micromoog analogue synth 750 p, c
Quasimidi Sirius synth/sequencer 400 m, p, c
Roland AXIS red keytar/midi controller, no aftertouch, inc base unit and all cables 250 m, p, c
Waldorf Microwave 2 wavetable synth 425 m, p
Yamaha AW16G 16 track multi-track HD recorder 275 m, b, p
Yamaha CBX-K1 midi controller 40 m
Yamaha PSS-380 FM synth 50 m, b
Yamaha PSS-570 FM synth 50 
Yamaha TG33 vector synth 250 m, p
Yamaha VSS-30 digital voice sampler 125 m, b - all content copyright 2019 Modulator ESP and Jez Creek
All photos and artwork by Jez Creek unless otherwise stated.