---The Church of Sound---

The Church of Sound is a mostly monthly, eclectic evening of
ambient/drone/experimental/electro-acoustic/improvised/noise/weird music, 
that takes place downstairs at Lee Rosy's Tea Shop in Nottingham. 

It is mostly on the third Thursday of the month, except when it isn't, 
and it's usually on every month except August and December.

Audients assemble for sonic worship at the altar of the Church of Sound downstairs 
and performances are accompanied by visuals, usually provided by the performers.
Admission is £4 on the door, and performances start around 7:30pm.

Lee Rosy's tea shop is at 17 Broad Street, Hockley, NG1 3AJ Nottingham, United Kingdom.
Anyone driving to the venue should be aware that there are bus/tram lane cameras in the vicinity.
Parking on Brook Street and walking to the venue avoids the one-way system and bus gates.
[map of the venue location] [routes to avoid bus gates] [parkopedia Broad Street]

Join the facebook group for all latest gig news and discussion.

Please contact Jez by email if you are interested in performing, however, please note that most slots for the year are booked by the end of the preceding year.

The Church of Sound started in 2014, a list of all line-ups so far is at the bottom of the page. 
See this Church of Sound youtube playlist for video of previous performances.
See the Awakenings website for ambient/electronic/space music/berlin school concerts in Rugeley.

Upcoming gigs:

---18/01/18 #39---

spandril [drone electronics]

cyclic controlled chaos/ harmonic distortion

https://soundcloud.com/spandril - spandril @ cos #29

pale world [ambient doomgaze]

Droning shoegazing ambience summoned by a very reverb drenched guitar sound. Think Brian Eno if he had a plane crash...


coresonic [noise ambient]

CoreSonic is the electronic sound persona of Adrian Alvey. Adrian is a multi disciplinary artist working in the area of sculpture and installations which can be seen on alveyart.co.uk. CoreSonic is Adrian's exploration back into using sound and adventure into his beloved maiden the synth and other electronic devices.


---22/02/18 #40---

weird garden @ church of sound

Featuring acts from Lincoln curated by Weird Garden, Tape Noise, Crackling Mountain, Laugh Motel and Experimental Sonic Machines, further details TBC

All line-ups: [click # for poster]


15/11/18 #48: TBC 
18/10/18 #47: TBC 
20/09/18 #46: theda electronic music/ TBC 
19/07/18 #45: kieran mahon/ infinity room/ TBC 
21/06/18 #44: memory wire +1/ gagarin/ TBC 
17/05/18 #43: hedger & creek/ bob hedger/ andy shankara bole 
19/04/18 #42: the garwin project/ andromeda phase/ charlie ulyatt 
15/03/18 #41: infinity curve/ concept devices/ scyrynyx
22/02/18 #40: weird garden @ church of sound 
18/01/18 #39: spandril/ pale world/ coresonic 


16/11/17 #38: modulator esp/ ten/ yumah
19/10/17 #37: triax/ meson/ plyci
21/09/17 #36: paul nagle/ peter challoner/ concept devices
20/07/17 #35: blue lily commission/ paul harriman/ chris bywater
15/06/17 #34: modulight (conway & creek)/ a drysalter/ yoyotte
18/05/17 #33: ręppen/ rosebud/ a collection of notes
20/04/17 #32: monkey trial/ yellow6/ the garwin project
16/03/17 #31: grey frequency/ nick robinson/ vostok
16/02/17 #30: bob hedger/ alien/ booth & creek
19/01/17 #29: spandril/ imboredofbastards/ andromeda phase


17/11/16 #28: apalusa/ paul harriman/ spectral breath
20/10/16 #27: monkey trial/ peter challoner/ vostok
22/09/16 #26: lost garden/ peter challoner/ modulator esp
21/07/16 #25: triax/ mooch/ concept devices
08/07/16 #24: naomi/ yuki kaneko/ nick jonah davis
16/06/16 #23: manga bros/ theda electronic music/ charlie ulyatt
19/05/16 #22: the garwin project/ infinity curve/ a collection of notes
21/04/16 #21: ręppen/ nick jonah davis/ grey frequency
17/03/16 #20: meson/ colossloth/ tape noise
18/02/16 #19: yellow6/ spandril/ vostok
21/01/16 #18: chris conway/ modulator esp/ concept devices


19/11/15 #17: inclusion principle/ orlando ferguson/ legion of swine 
15/10/15 #16: nick robinson/ the garwin project/ a collection of notes
17/09/15 #15: yellow6/ infinity curve/ grey frequency 
16/07/15 #14: quad all-stars/ altostratus/ memory wire
18/06/15 #13: malik & langley/ ajay dawid/ thin raft
21/05/15 #12: sonic weekenders v abstract noise attack!
16/04/15 #11: nick jonah davis/ tape noise/ bir
19/03/15 #10: spandril/ modulator esp/ grey frequency
22/01/15 #09: apalusa/ concept devices/ [D-C]


20/11/14 #08: lost harbours/ modulator esp/ no duty to retreat
23/10/14 #07: lost garden/ peter challoner/ vostok sputnik syndrome 30
18/09/14 #06: tch - tim holehouse/ ashtoreth/ croglin grange
24/07/14 #05: ant (andrew page & tanya byrne)/ myoptik/ sludge lord
19/06/14 #04: nacht und nebel/ tepeu y q'uq'umatz/ unune/ analoguekid
22/05/14 #03: malik & langley/ colossloth/ nick jonah davis/ dick sputnik
23/04/14 #02: modulator esp/ maurice's hotel death/ tape noise/ kay hill
26/03/14 #01: kozmonaut death trip/ apalusa/ scented poetry

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