[Gig Diary]

Gigs 2009 

25th January Rammel Club#2: Emeralds, Birds of Delay, Modulator ESP, Gareth Hardwick Chameleon, Nottingham
21st February Awakenings: Cerberus, Peter Challoner & Ethereal Electric Elixir Paget High School, Burton on Trent
6th March Numlock: Datashock & The Amber Sleep Chameleon, Nottingham
13th March Pure Reason Revolution & ...And Stars Collide The Bodega, Nottingham
19th March Nadja, Formication and All The Empires of the World The Old Angel, Nottingham
3rd April Damn You: NLF3, Souvaris, Gareth Hardwick The Maze, Nottingham
8th April Rammel Club#4: Aaron Dilloway, Nate Young & Mutant Ape Chameleon, Nottingham
18th April Awakenings: The Omega Syndicate, 4m33s & Modulator ESP Paget High School, Burton on Trent
20th April 593 Collective: Music for One, Pupilar, Spoils and Relics, Nacht und Nebel Chameleon, Nottingham
25th April Elektron 09: Peter Tedstone, Modulator ESP & 4m33s St Luke's Church, Redditch
13th May Damn You: Machinefabriek, Gareth Hardwick, Burd & Scarr Jam Cafe Nottingham
28th May Hawkwind & Girlschool Opera House, Buxton
4th June One Finch: Library Tapes, Yellow 6, Matt Cooper, Abbey Curtis, Jenna Finch Chameleon, Nottingham
13th June CANCELLED: Ghosts in the Machine III: Ion, 4m33s, The Glimmer Room, Modulator ESP, Edge Effect The Post Modern, Swindon
19th June Rammel Club#6: Pocahaunted, Burial Hex, Sun Araw, Koguzuma Chameleon, Nottingham
23rd June Relativity: Peter Tedstone & Modulator ESP Artrix Arts Centre, Bromsgrove
27th June Peter Tedstone, Xan Alexander + Stuart Judd  & Geigertek Paget High School, Burton on Trent
4th & 5th September Sonic World Festival: Harvey Bainbridge, Syren, Loscoe State Opera, Whimwise, Tantric Temple
Pink Floydish, Sendelica, Non-Existent Group, Modulator ESP, Andrew Prince, Hashtronaut, Paradise 9, Livin in a Valvestate
Lumb Farm, Ripley
26th September Terje Winther, Brendan Pollard & Edge Effect Paget High School, Burton on Trent
24th October Ion/ Ron Berry, Hashtronaut & Von Haulshoven Paget High School, Burton on Trent
29th-31st October Electro-music 2009: New Jersey, USA
21st November ['ramp], N_Phay & The Jupiter 8 Paget High School, Burton on Trent

Gigs 2008 

23rd February Awakenings: Vietgrove & Modulator ESP Paget High School, Burton on Trent
25th March Fish Rescue Rooms, Nottingham
28th March Oxygene: Jean Michel Jarre Opera House, Manchester
19th April Awakenings: Entity, HyperEx Machina & 4m33s Paget High School, Burton on Trent
22nd April Ulrich Schnauss, Airiel & Model Morning The Bodega, Nottingham
3rd May Futuresonic, The Importance of Being Analogue Manchester Metropolitan University, Manchester
16th May Rotherham Rocks: Twelth Night, For Absent Friends, Touchstone Herringthorpe Leisure centre, Rotherham
9th June Mantile: MV Carbon, Sarah's Charity, Family Battle Snake & Younger & Scarr Chameleon, Nottingham
14th June Elektron 08: Astrogator + 1,  Peter Tedstone, ,Create & Modulator ESP Kingsley Theatre, Redditch
28th June Awakenings: Astrogator + 1,  Peter Tedstone, Modulator ESP Paget High School, Burton on Trent
18th-20th July Sonic World Festival Lumb Farm, Ripley
1st August Mantile: Bizarre Uproar, Gelsomina, Mutant Ape/Johnny Scarr Chameleon, Nottingham
11th August Acid Mother's Temple & The Cosmic Inferno The Bodega, Nottingham
16th August Mantile: The Good Anna, Beach Fuzz & Modulator ESP Chameleon, Nottingham
23rd August The Omega Syndicate Holy Trinity Church, Hull
7th September Apalusa Hand & Heart Gallery, Nottingham
27th September Awakenings: Ion, Glimmer Room and Edge Effect Paget High School, Burton on Trent
2nd October Pivot & Exploits of Elaine The Bodega
18th October Dundee-Live: John Dyson, Altres, Vietgrove & Modulator ESP The Doghouse, Dundee
29th October Numlock: Johnny Scarr, guinard & Marley Hand & Heart Gallery, Nottingham
25th October Awakenings: Mooch, Spiraleye and 4m33s Paget High School, Burton on Trent
1st November The London eye Concert: Tangerine Dream The Forum, London
14th November Hampshire Jam Jam Millennium Hall, Liphook
15th November Hampshire Jam: Redshift, Ian Boddy, Under The Dome, Keller, Schonwalder & Broekhuis, Free System Projekt, Airsculpture, Pete Ruczynski Millennium Hall, Liphook
22nd November Awakenings: Astrogator, Create and Hashtronaut Paget High School, Burton on Trent
29th November Starlight: Peter Tedstone & Glamba St Luke's Church, Redditch
11th December Hawkwind Rock City, Nottingham
13th December Stephen Parsick - Cambrium Bochum, Planetarium

Gigs 2007 

13th January Modulator ESP, Emkah and Formication Nottingham, Orange Tree
24th February ['ramp] Bochum, Planetarium
23rd March Joint Intelligence Committee Birmingham, Think Tank
22nd April Porcupine Tree Nottingham, Rock City
19th May Magnum Nottingham, Rock City
26th May Der Spyra Bochum, Planetarium
12th June Marillion Nottingham, Rock City
15th July Nottingham Live Music Festival, featuring Modulator ESP Nottingham, Arboretum
2nd August Immersion, featuring Modulator ESP London, The Flea Pit
1st September Pallas, Blind Ego, Kramer Montgomery Hall, Wath upon Dearne
13th October E-Live: Arc, Eric Wollo Eindhoven, Tu/e
19th October Hampshire Jam 'Jam' Liphook, Village Hall
20th October Hampshire Jam 6: Volt, Free System Projekt, Fanger & Schonwalder, Rainbow Serpent and Adrian Beasley Liphook, Millenium Hall
10th November Gert Emmens, Moonbooter, Stephen Parsick Oberhausen, Gasometer
24th November Twelfth Night London, Albany
10th December Porcupine Tree Nottingham, Rock City
11th December Asia Nottingham, Rock City

Gigs 2006 

13th January Modulator ESP and Dave Davies Nottingham, Bunkers Hill
19th January Modulator ESP and Formication Nottingham, Orange Tree
18th March Pallas & Pure Reason Revolution Rotherham, Oakwood
25th March Binar Leicester, NSC
29th April AirSculpture Leicester, NSC
2nd May Mooch and Modulator ESP Shrewsbury, C:21
6th May  Brendon Pollard, Nick Robinson & Entity Leeds, Brudenell Club
10th June Free System Projekt Leicester, NSC
8th July Astrogator, Modulator ESP, Create and The Omega Syndicate Leeds, Brudenell Club
25th July Modulator ESP and Dave Davies Nottingham, Rose of England
9th September Keller, Schonwalder & Broekhuis Leicester, NSC
7th October Ian Boddy Leicester, NSC
14th October E-Live: Code Indigo, Brendan Pollard & Friends, Nostalgia, WintherStormer Eindhoven, Tu/e
20th October Hampshire Jam 'Jam' Liphook, Village Hall
21st October Hampshire Jam 5: Redshift, Volt, Fanger & Schonwalder, TBA Liphook Millenium Hall, Liphook
28th October Modulator ESP Nottingham, Bunkers Hill
7th November Persuasive Electric Blanket Lounge: Circulus, Modulator ESP, Old school Tie, Intermission To Saturn Musician, Leicester
9th December Astrogator & 4m33s Nottingham, Rose of England

Gigs 2005 

11th February SkinMechanix & HyperEx Machina Leeds, Brudenell Club
5th March Binar  Leicester, NSC
15th March Asia, Barclay James Harvest & Dare Nottingham, Rock City
28th March Judas Priest & Scorpions Sheffield, Hallam Arena
31st March Porcupine Tree Nottingham, Rescue Rooms
2nd April Radio Massacre International  Leicester, NSC
22nd April Ron Boots & Modulator ESP  Leeds, Brudenell Club
23rd April Magnum - Storyteller's Night London, Astoria
25th April Fish Nottingham, Rescue Rooms
28th May Axess/Maxxess Leicester, NSC
7th June Ozric Tentacles Nottingham, Rescue Rooms
10th June Radio Massacre International, Omega Syndicate & 4m33s Extended Leeds, Brudenell Club
11th June Tangerine Dream  London, Shepherd's Bush Empire
8th July Binar & Awen  Leeds, Brudenell Club
12th August Glimmer Room & Create  Leeds, Brudenell Club
17th September Under The Dome Leicester, NSC
30th September Vietgrove & Second Thought  Leeds, Brudenell Club
15th October E-Live: Volt, Create, Pyramid Peak, Tau Ceti & Oophoi Eindhoven, TU/e
24th & 25th October Dream Theater London, Hammersmith Apollo
29th October Free System Projekt Leicester, NSC
12th November Hampshire Jam 4: Spyra, Keller, Schonwalder and Broekhuis, RMI, Narcosis  Liphook, Millenium Hall
2nd December Airsculpture, HyperEx Machina, SkinMechanix, Ochre & Astrogator  Leeds, Brudenell Club

Gigs 2004 

16th January Dream Theater Manchester Apollo
18th February Fish Bilston, Robin 2
3rd March Gary Numan Nottingham, Rock City
6th March Tangerine Dream London, Royal Festival Hall
13th March Radio Massacre International Leicester, NSC
17th April Binar  Leicester, NSC
24th April Magenta, Confuzion  Rotherham, HLC
1st May  Pallas, Strangefish, Quecia, Psi Phi, Magrathea Rotherham, Oakwood
8th May WASP, DragonForce Nottingham, Rock City
20th May Vampire Rock Nottingham, Royal Centre
21st May Bill Bailey Nottingham, Royal Centre
22nd May Axess (+Maxxess) Leicester, NSC
9th June Queensryche Nottingham, Rock City
15th June Blue Oyster Cult Bilston, Robin 2
26th June Cosmic Smokers Leicester NSC
July 14th Nightwish Nottingham, Rock City
11th September Rush Birmingham, NEC
25th September David Wright and Bekki Williams Leicester, NSC
27th September Magnum Nottingham, Rock City
9th October E-Live: Redshift, Gert Emmens, Sunya Beat, Maitreya Eindhoven, TU/e
12th October Whitesnake Nottingham, Royal Centre
23rd October  Hampshire Jam 3: Arc, Airsculpture, FSP, Keller & Schonwalder Liphook, Millenium Hall
13th November Omega Syndicate  & Paul Nagle Leicester NSC
27th November IQ  Rotherham, Oakwood - all content copyright 2004 Modulator ESP and Jez Creek
All photos and artwork by Jez Creek unless otherwise stated.