Current hardware:

Alesis Multimix16USB mixer
Arturia Keystep
midi keyboard/sequencer/arpeggiator
Arturia Microbrute analogue monosynth/sequencer
Arturia Microfreak hybrid synth
Audiothingies MicroMonsta MPE virtual analogue/wavetable synth module
Bastl Microgranny granular sampler
Behringer Model D [2] analogue monosynth
Boss BX-4 [3] mixer
Boss BX-8 mixer
Boss DD-20 Giga Delay [4] delay/looper
Boss DR-220E drum machine
Boss KM-600 mixer
Bugbrand Board Weevil 2009/ 2012/ 2015/ Cube Weevil noise/drone devices
Casio PT-82 home keyboard
Clavia Nord modular digital modular synth
Clavia Nord modular G2 digital modular synth
DSI Evolver [2] analogue/digital hybrid monsynth/sequencer/processor
DSI Tetra 4 voice/part analogue polysynth
Electrix Repeater 4 part looper/processor
EMS VCS3 Mark 1 Putney & DK2 analogue matrix monosynth and keyboard controller
EMU Vintage Synth Pro 128 voice sample based digital synth
Eventide Space reverb processor
Five12 Vector sequencer
Fostex X-28 4-track cassette multitracker
Haaken ContinuuMini MPE digital synth
Hordijk Benjolin DIY noise/drone device
Kawai MX-16 mixer
Korg Electribe ER-1 synth drum machine
Korg Electribe 2 synth/sequencer/drum machine
Korg Kaossilator [2] touch synth/looper
Korg Microkorg virtual analogue polysynth
Korg Kaoss Pad Mini KP [2] touch effects processor
Korg Minilogue 4 voice analogue polysynth/sequencer/arpeggiator
Korg Pandora Mini [3] effects processor
Korg Volca Bass/ Keys/ FM/ Beats/ Drum/ Sample/ Modular tabletop synths/ sequencers/ drum machines/ sampler/ modular
Korg Wavestation vector synth with wavesequencing
Korg Wavestate wave sequencing synth
KV Gear Vixen mixer
Mutable Instruments Ambika hybrid polysynth
Novation Nova 16 voice 6 part virtual analogue polysynth
Playful Music Joue MPE controller
Quasimidi Polymorph synth/sequencer
Roland JD-Xi polysynth/sequencer
Roland MC-808 synth/sampler/sequencer
Roland SPD-S drum pads/sampler
Sequential Prophet VS analogue/digital hybrid vector synth
Sequentix Cirklon sequencer
STEIM Cracklebox touch synth/noise box
Teenage Engineering OP-1 [2] digital synth/sequencer/drum machine/4-track
Waldorf Blofeld wavetable/sample based synth
Yamaha KM802 keyboard mixer
Yamaha Tenori-On TNR-W sequencer/tone generator
Yamaha MODX6 Digital AWM2/FM-X synth
Yamaha VSS-30 [2] digital voice sampler
Zoom H2n [2] digital recorder
Zoom MS-70CDR [3] effects processor
Zoom R-16 digital multitrack recorder

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