Polyphonic Analogue Synthesizers:

Alesis Andromeda A6 - Extremely powerful analogue synth, with 16 voices, each with 2 VCOs with sub-oscillators, ring and frequency modulation, 16 part muti-timbral, with masses of modulation routings, looping envelopes, Moog and Oberheim filters, step sequencers and a ribbon for added expression. Used for sequences, effects, pads and leads
Oberheim Matrix 12 - Extremely powerful analogue synthesiser. Has 12 voices, each with 2 VCOs, oscillator sync, oscillator and filter FM, 5 LFOs, 5 freely assignable envelopes, tracking generators, 2 ramp generators and up to 22 freely assignable modulation routings. Almost a programmable polyphonic modular synthesizer. Studio bound for the time being, at leat until I can get a lighter case.

Monophonic Synthesizers:

Dave Smith Instruments Evolver - Analog/digital hyprid monosynth/sequencer/effects unit from the man who founded Sequential Circuits. The Evolver has two analog oscillators and two digital oscillators, 4 16 step sequencers, twin digital delay and lots of modulation routings. It's digital oscillators use the waves from the Prophet VS and can do simple wave sequencing. With all the modulation routings and versatile sequencer, it's a bit like having a modular in a box the size of a video tape. So useful I now have 2 of these, used for drones and sequencing live.

Digital Synthesizers:

Clavia Nord Modular Keyboard Clavia Nord Modular - Made by the Swedish company Clavia this is a Virtual Analog Modular Synthesizer, as versatile as your imagination. Using the pc based software you can build new synths from a wide selection of modules, patch anything to anything else, then trigger using analog sequencers... synthesis heaven! Can produce ever-shifting sequences, ambient drones, cosmic sound effects and unearthly pads. Used live mainly for sequencer parts and cyclic synth effects and as controller for the rack synths
Clavia Nord Modular G2 - Second generation Virtual Analog Modular Synthesizer, as versatile as your imagination. Works in a similar fashion to the original Nord Modular, but with a better keyboard, aftertouch, performance controls, endless rotary knob controllers, ability to send MIDI internally and externally and built in effects. Great for all sorts of sounds, especially digital pads, weird FM effects and also good for controlling external stuff.
Korg Wavestation - click for review Korg Wavestation - Digital Synthesizer descended from the Prophet VS this synthesizer uses techniques such as 'vector synthesis' and 'wave sequencing' to produce a huge range of evolving, atmospheric sounds. Capable of swirling rhythmic sounds and ambient textures. 
Sequential Prophet VS - click for review Sequential Prophet VS -  Digital Vector synthesis with Analog Filters, producing a rare and gorgeous sound. Capable of extremes, from lush evolving texture to spaced out drones and metallic clangs. One of the last instruments produced by US company Sequential Circuits before they closed. 

Rackmount Synthesizers:

Cheetah MS6 - 6 voice, 6 part multi-timbral analog synth. Used primarily for sequences from the P3. Upgraded with Kristofer Maad's updated firmware to allow midi cc control. I have 2 of these.
EMU Proteus 2000 - Powerful sample based synthesiser, with lots of interesting modulation routings, interesting filters and expandable waveform memory. Used for Mellotron stuff, spacey pads and drums
Kawai K5m - Additive Digital synth. Great for huge glassy pads with sweeping harmonics.
Korg Wavestation SR - For additional digital sounds, mainly breathy and evolving pads and fx/drones - see WS description below for more details.
Waldorf Microwave II - Spectral Wavetable synthesizer. Digital synth with really wide tonal palette from harsh and industrial to lush and spacial. Sounds are built up from wavetables which can be manipulated to create ever shifting timbres. Descended from the legendary PPG Wave synthesizer designed by Wolfgang Palm as used extensively by German synth and electronic music pioneers Tangerine Dream.

Sequencers/ Grooveboxes/ Drum machines:

Alesis MMT8 - click for review Alesis MMT-8 - MIDI multi-track recorder. Originally used onstage to trigger sounds from the Microwave. Mainly used for drums, arpeggios and simple chordal backing parts. Each part has it's own mute/ un-mute button. Was used as master clock for the Regelwerk and Nord Modular and can be stopped/ started using footpedal. Can also be used in conjunction with a Doepfer Pocket control so that sequences can also be faded in and out. Currently in storage.
Korg Electribe ER-1 - click for review Korg Electribe ER-1 - Analog Modelling Drum Machine - Drum synthesizer. Great for electronic drum sounds and weird percussion f/x. Control knobs let you program changes to sound over time leading to some wild sounds. Also capable of all sorts of electronic percussion sounds and noise effects. Mute function allows rhythms to built up and de-constructed in real time.
Sequentix P3 - Analogue Sequencer, extremely versatile 8 track MIDI sequencer with plenty of real time interaction, has Force to Scale so that it can be played in key and and Auxiliary events for all sorts of pre-programmed or randomised modulation madness. Used primarily with the Cheetah MS6 and Microwave XT. Skip function and repeat note events allow sequence notes and rhythms to be edited on the fly.
Yamaha RY30 - Digital drum machine/rhythm programmer with real time control of pitch, filter, decay, pan and balance for extra expression.


Roland SP-404 - Loop Sampler - Can hold up to 1Gb of samples, arranged across up to 120 pads. Samples can be looped and reversed and can be processed using the onboard f/x, which include filters, distortion, pitch shifting, delay and various modulation effect. Used for background drones and effects.

Other Studio Equipment:

Boss DD-20 Giga Delay - Delay pedal with up to 23s of delay time, used for lopping and additional delay effects
Boss VF1 - Half rack multi-fx processor
Boss SX-700 - Rack studio effects processor
Electrix Repeater - 4 track looper, with real time control of pitch and tempo and up to 8 minutes of recording time, used for looping, layering and sonic manipulation
Line 6 Echo Pro Line 6 Echo Pro - Modelled Vintage Echo and Delay effects. Used primarily on sequences to add a bit of 'bounce'. Can also be used as a loop sampler.
Samson PL 2404 - Rackmount mixer featuring 12 stereo channels, 3 band EQ per channel, 4 auxiliaries and 4 busses. Not a very exciting part of the live rig but completely essential nonetheless.
Yamaha AW16G Yamaha AW16G -  Professional Audio Workstation - 16 track hard disk recorder with 8 mic/line inputs, 8 track simultaneous record, onboard effects, dynamics processing, mastering, phrase sampler, 20 Gb hard drive and CDR/W for backup and master audio CD creation. Exceptionally versatile with relatively simple operation. Prior to purchasing this all compositions were done on MIDI sequencing software such as Pro 24 and Cubase, or recorded live in stereo, either to minidisc or direct to hard drive. The AW16G allows me to combine both methods as Cubase can be synched to the AW16G to give me the best of both worlds. - all content copyright 2004 Modulator ESP and Jez Creek
All photos and artwork by Jez Creek unless otherwise stated.