Modulator ESP: Reality Excursion Sequences

'Reality Excursion Sequences' was recorded live at my first live performance as Modulator ESP, at Bunkers Hill Inn on 25th January 2004. The gig was the culmination of a year's work to become a solo improvisational electronic musician. The music was improvised live to pre-prepared backing sequences and effects which were created using an Alesis MMT-8, Doepfer Regelwerk and Nord Modular. 

A cd is available (from the Merchandise page) which features an edit of the set. A couple of instrument crackles and one bit that went on too long were excised, but apart from that it is an accurate record of the gig, warts 'n' all. 

A full MP3 download of 'Silent Planet', the second piece,  is now available.

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Reality Excursion Sequences features sequencer-based music, vaguely in the Berlin School mould. The sound quality is nice but I'd prefer more reverb - the sound is a bit dry to my ears. It starts with "Dark Star Voyage", which is a lengthy suite with multiple parts. The structure is a bit loose, so you kinda know this is a live recording when you listen to it. Some nice textures, but as I've said earlier I prefer a more spacey, reverbed sound. Nice sequencing and solos, though. "Silent Planet" is a nice mysterious track (that also includes rather cheerful sequences towards the end) with repeating bass motif and good sequences / rhythm combination. "Chaos Theory" is a chaotic (pun intended) and busy sequencer track (which initially makes use of the same sequence that appeared on the previous number).

Abridged review by Artemi Pugachov from: Encyclopedia of Electronic Music - all content copyright 2004 Modulator ESP and Jez Creek
All photos and artwork by Jez Creek unless otherwise stated.