Modulator ESP: Heliosphere


Heliosphere is a set of spacey ambient drones, more cold than dark. These were produced using processed improvisations recorded on 14th March 2007, originally intended as background drones for another project. As they were not used, further overdubs, recorded on 20th and 29th April 2007, were added to complete the compositions. 

Heliosphere is  available to stream and download free from the Internet Archive. It is also now available to purchase from the merchandise page.

Equipment used:

EMU XL7, Kawai K5000R, Korg Mono/Poly, Oberheim Matrix 12, Sequential Prophet 5, Sequential Prophet VS, Waldorf Microwave II, Processed Vocal Samples.
Solar Winds - click to play stream from Internet Archive Solar Winds - Right click and 'Save As' to download from Internet Archive Solar Winds [24:29 - 192kbps - 35.3Mb]
The Crossing - click to play stream from Internet Archive The Crossing - Right click and 'Save As' to download from Internet Archive The Crossing [24:49 - 192kbps - 35.7Mb]
Interstellar Space- click to play stream from Internet Archive Interstellar Space - Right click and 'Save As' to download from Internet Archive Interstellar Space [24:42 - 192kbps - 106Mb]


Wow. 'Deep Space' is certainly the descriptive word here! I totally feel it ! It doesn't strike me as cold per se but maybe cold in that Deep Space is just that way. The feeling is definitely deep and all inclusive. Massive soundscape! I was listening to the Flash player then went for the 192 bitrate one so I could get the full impact. I could imagine this in a planetarium with awesome visuals. Very cool and well produced too.
Dreamaiden, EM Portal

Have downloded your album Heliosphere. Nice mixture of high and low drones, more diverse than 'Zeta Reticuli' and for me certainly more listenable. Seeing the development I can imagine you want to use some sequencing in your next recordings. Looking forward to this.
Interstellar Space is by far the strongest piece. Cold winds blowing between icy glaciers and yet there is e sense of warmth. You say these are cold drones, I disagree, I think you are a lyrical romanticist painting a warm picture.
Rob, EM Portal

The female alien cry (thats what I think it is) in solar wind has stolen my heart. Nice album - best tracks; solar wind and interstellar space. And indeed a forward progression from zeta reticuli. (maybe because of the more versatile equipment?).
von haulshoven, EM Portal

This is the kind of desolate sound that would emanate from Skaro.
Syn303, EM Portal

Just to let you know I had a listen to Heliosphere this morning. REALLY great. Liked it a lot. VERY ambient.
Edge Effect, Myspace

Hey Jez...thx for the info on Heliosphere... I'm downloading and listening to it right now and I like it a lot! Very cool spacey drone stuff :-)
Jay, Myspace

Many thanks for the free download of "Heliosphere" - this is excellent and classic cosmic music! Great stuff!
Steve Hillman, Myspace

Hi Jez ,thank you so much for your EXCELLENT ALBUM download! I like very, very much!
Best regards from your friend!
Bernard, The Lightwave Project, Myspace

Hi Jez, Thanks very much for the new downloads, I thoroughly enjoyed listening to them.
Keep up the great work.
Best regards
Colin,  Myspace

Have played and really enjoyed the free album download - incredable sounds. Thanks for the album.
pjt music projects, Myspace

Hallo there, Downloaded your album. Congratulations!!!! really great work (would love to buy a copy in a case). 
Best wishes
emkah, Myspace

Space music. A heavy duty arsenal of synthesizers was used to craft these highly suggestive, swirling sounds.
Too much change-up to be drone. Not quiet enough to be ambient. This is a trip into space, where meteors and comets are flashing by.

That was lovely. Thanks for making it available.
Edison Rex,

Astounding - Excellent album of shifting soundscapes. 5 out of 5 stars
Peter Tedstone, Internet Archive

Space Is Deep Indeed! - Another line in the dark sand of ambient is crossed with this second sequencer free Modulator ESP recording. Lets hope that these become at least an annual event! Excellent stuff. 5 out of 5 stars
Hashtronaut, Internet Archive 

Great! - Nice contrast to dark drones, good in a mix. More for Modulator, please! 5 out of 5 stars
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