[Modular Experiments]

The files on this page are experiments in modular synthesis, rather than 'music', but may appeal to those who like more abstract or noisier stuff. All are improvised using modular synths, and I'll provide a shortish description of the patch and screenshots of the editor for nord modular patches Click to download mp3 files. 

19.07.09 A-100 ringmod improv A-100: ribbon expt this patch is set-up for control of pitch and filter via my ribbon controller and has numerous modulations controlled by the LFOs and joystick, including FM depth of the main oscillator from the other via joystick, one LFO sweeping the PWM of the main oscillator, and another LFO sweeping the frequency of the second oscillator, with this patched through a S&H for rhythmic modulations
14.06.09 A-100 ringmod improv A-100: ringmod improv this patch is 2 VCOs through a ring modulator and into a filter with both VCO pitches and the VCF cutoff/resonance patched for control by the joystick, with one LFO sweeping the pulse width of one VCO, whilst another LFO sweeps the filter cutoff,
14.06.09 A-100 s&h sequences A-100: s&h sequences this patch is a pseudo sequence, with one LFO patched through a sample & hold modulating one VCO, whilst being triggered by the other LFO which is also opening and closing the filter, the square wave output of another VCO is patched into the FM input of the first via a VCA controlled by the joystick, which also controls the filter, so I could add FM and sweep the filter at the same time.
07.04.09 nord modular cosmos improv nord modular: cosmos improv this is actually made of two patches, the left two columns were a random sequencer generator I made a while ago, slowed down lots, it plays the spacey melody, the right hand side is a weird FM sequencer generator I added, I slowed it down too and it plays the weird bell like sounds. It can be left to play on it's own quite nicely, but this sample has me editing stuff as it goes along. Here is a screenshot
31.03.09 nor modular G2 sinusoidrone improv nord modular G2: sinusoidrone improv this is a weird drone patch with lots of movement using multiple sine oscillators slowly frequency modulating other sine oscillators playing a 4 note chord. Here is a screenshot - all content copyright 2004 Modulator ESP and Jez Creek
All photos and artwork by Jez Creek unless otherwise stated.