Modulator ESP: Demon Star


Demon Star is one long series of intertwined cold dark drones, These were produced using processed improvisations produced primarily with the Nord modular G2 digital modular synthesizer, with some additional textures from the Korg Wavestation. 

Recorded in June and July 2007 when I felt a sudden urge to create something dark and spacey, this went through several revisions and some radical re-mixing, before being shelved due to other priorities then finally released after 8 months.

If the title hadn't already been used I would have liked to have called it Startide as that is the sort of feeling it evokes for me, but it was taken, so after some consideration I chose Demon Star, which is a reference to Algol, an ecliptic binary star that regularly varies in brightness as one star moves in front of the other.

It is now available to purchase from the merchandise page - all content copyright 2004 Modulator ESP and Jez Creek
All photos and artwork by Jez Creek unless otherwise stated.